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Picture of Sweet KissingPicture of Christ the LightgiverAll Saints Old Catholic Church

An Old Catholic Church  located in Clarksville, Tennessee.  Married Clergy allowed. 

Ordination information, Old Catholic Church History, and more.

Old Catholic Diocese of the Holy Spirit of the Old Catholic Communion in North America

AKA as the Old Catholic Church of America Inc.*


About US
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About Us

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Our Mission
It is our utmost desire to provide a place where all can come to worship God, say their prayers, receive the Sacraments, and be fed with the Word.
The Parish
All Saints Church was established in September of 1999. The first worship service was held in a rented commercial property located at 535 Franklin St. and was attended by 9 people. Currently our parish “family” has 65+ regular communicants and we now worship in our own building located at 863 Salem Rd. Should you decide to worship with us you will see that our congregation to be very open, friendly, and ready to help in any way.
The Worship Service
Most of our liturgies are a mixture of Roman, Anglican, and German Old Catholic. We have found that by combining the rites nearly everyone from a catholic (Roman, Anglican, Orthodox, Old Catholic, etc.) background feels at home since they are familiar with at least part of the service. However, since our service is in fact unique it also offers us an identity of our own.


You will also find a blend of hymns and music. At most services we use liturgical music that is easy to sing, e.g. folk type music. However, at times we will use more contemporary music, and at others times more traditional.

Sermons tend to be focused on both the meaning of the readings then and now. It is our desire that you leave the service with the knowledge and wisdom to apply the Word in your daily life. The first Sunday of each month we have a children’s Sermon that is specifically focused to immerse our little brothers and sisters in the wisdom of the Word as well.
Our Sacraments
We offer and profess seven sacraments. They are Baptism, Communion, Confirmation, Holy Matrimony, Anointing of the Sick, Reconciliation, and Holy Orders. Our denomination believes that since all persons baptized in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are [by this Baptism] members incorporate into the Body of Christ that none of our Christian brothers and sisters of other denominations should be refused Communion or any other Sacrament.


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In Summary
All Saints Old Catholic Church (All Saints) is a Catholic Communion not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. All Saints celebrates the same sacraments and offers the sacraments in nonjudgmental acceptance. In doing so it is our belief that we are best following the teaching of the early church in that first and foremost Jesus came to heal and not to judge. If you have been rejected because of a previous marriage or have a spouse that is not "catholic", you are welcome here. If you simply cannot believe all that you have been taught about recent dogmas and doctrine, or you cannot accept the "new age" teachings that are infiltrating so many other denominations you are welcome here. In closing, if God is calling you to find a church home for the first time, or if you are being called to return home we ask that you consider our parish, you will be welcomed with open arms.