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An Old Catholic Church  located in Clarksville, Tennessee.  Married Clergy allowed. 

Ordination information, Old Catholic Church History, and more.

Old Catholic Diocese of the Holy Spirit of the Old Catholic Communion in North America

AKA as the Old Catholic Church of America Inc.*


About US
About Old Catholics




  • We believe in and profess the Nicene creed and all that it states.

  • We believe in the inerrancy and divine inspiration of Holy Scriptures.

  • We believe in the seven sacraments of the Church: Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Eucharist, Anointing and Prayers for the Sick, Confession and Reconciliation, Marriage, and Holy Orders.

  • We believe that celibacy of those in Holy Orders is a personal decision.

  • We believe and hold apostolic succession.

  • We believe and accept the doctrines of the Seven Early Church Ecumenical Councils.

  • We believe and appreciate the wisdom and guidance of the Early Church Fathers.

  • We appreciate the wisdom and guidance of the founding Fathers of the Old Catholic Movement  as expressed in historic documents of the Old Catholic Churches of Europe particularly the Declaration of Utrecht and The Fourteen Theses of the Old Catholic Church at Bonn.

  • We do not perform same-sex marriages nor ordain those living in gay or lesbian lifestyles. 

  • We believe that abortion and euthanasia is the taking of human life.

  • We believe in the responsible stewardship of our planet.

  • We believe in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

  • We believe in the sanctity of marriage, however we believe that Jesus is merciful and those who have been divorced and/or remarried are offered the sacraments of the church.

  • We believe that family planning is a personal decision between a husband and wife.


The matter and form of Sacraments will be identical in intent and form to those used by other historic Catholic churches, specifically the Roman Catholic Church, the Episcopal, Anglican, Old Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches.


Rituals surrounding the matter and form of the Sacraments will show respect for the Catholic liturgical traditions, but may reflect local customs.


In the liturgy references to the Trinity are in the traditional Catholic format.